Saturday February 13, 2016 OBR Rally 9:30 am -12:30pm

Utah State Capital Rotunda


LET'S RAISE AWARENESS!! BRING YOUR FLASH DANCE ENERGY and join us and over 207 other countries across the world to RISE through dance! Your participation is a time to express joy and celebrate as we awaken humanity. 

Who We Are: SHEROES United - We provide a safe venue for women to find their voice, share their stories, connect them to powerful resources and education to heal and to empower the next chapter of their story to become a SHERO in their own life & community.

Why Should You Care: 1 in 3 women across the planet will be beaten or raped in her lifetime. That’s ONE BILLION WOMEN & GIRLS. RISE with SHEROES as we dance, share stories, and introduce our first SHEROES scholarship recipient. Bring your families and friends to share in the joy of triumph & education. Surprise guests and professional performances will be some of our highlights this year.

We need YOU!!

Here is some information to support the shared goals...

See last year's event video - Here in SLC;

The One Billion Rising Short Film: WHY we rise

Here is the link for the dance to learn it:

Newest Events

 Veterans Celebration of Light and Wonderful Experience for all - Dec 2015


held at the Historic County Courthouse


We Honored Our Women in Uniform on this very special night. We were touched by a special ceremony with Honor Guard, Guest Speakers, Drumming, a Ceremonial Fire, we  had a light ceremony to remember the 22 who lose their lives each day to Suicide. Thanks to all that braved the weather and came out to join us!!!

Parliament of the Worlds Religions Oct 2015

Did you attend the Parliament of World Religions? Do you want to purchase merchandise that you could not carry home in your luggage? Here is the link!!!


The World came to Utah and SHEROES United was invited to play a Role. Our Tribe Leaders Stepped up and Gathered their own unique groups. We had over 300 Volunteers   Celebrate with us as we WELCOMED the World to OUR CITY - SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH  *   UNITED STATES OF AMERICA

One of the Biggest Events in the Religious History of the USA. The World Faith Leaders made the journey to the United States of America. Destination SLC, UT! This was HISTORY! 

SHEROES United played an integral Part in this event. We had over 500 People Volunteer and had to turn down 200 because of Available Slots. We were Airport Greeters, Host Families, Panel Speakers, Entertainers, and so much more. SHEROES United was the "Boots on the Ground" and Welcomed the World to Salt Lake City, UT - USA


This site is designed to UPLIFT, EDUCATE, and GIVE Hope to the VOICELESS. This site is for Women and the Men that Love them. We welcome all. We are unable to help victims in crisis - rather we are here as a place of comfort and friendship for those VICTORIOUS Women that are joining hands in helping others to use their voice and life their authentic dreams.

A SHERO is an ordinary Woman that finds the STRENGTH to Endure and Preserve in SPITE of Overwhelming Obstacles. A Role Model to those around HER.

2015 SHEROES Rise

We did it! Amazing V-day One Billion Rising

SHEROES United is a Non-Profit (501c3 EIN 45-5391069 effective 5/17/2012) that identifies Women Role Models. Women that have been victims in their lives and are now Victorious and living their AUTHENTIC life.

SHEROES United Focus on 3 KEY Pillars

Domestic Violence - includes mental, verbal and physical abuse of members in a family or living in the same household. We want to show families that this is an internal problem and can be fixed with love and compassion. If not fixed it lingers into the next generation. The Children become abusers because this is how they were taught.

Human Trafficking  - Sex Trafficking, Disfiguration, Foster Children Sold into Slavery, Rape, Murder

Women Warriors - Consists of any woman that has worn the uniform and took the oath to serve and protect. We aim to identify these Women, Hear their Stories, Honor their Service by providing Education and Resources, and assist in their Transformation into Civilian Life.

 To be redirected into 3 KEY Pillars

Foster Care & Adoption - We address this from all perspectives and are working on the National Level with Atlanta being one of our sister cities.

Teen Advocacy - This includes anti-bullying, teaching positive self image, the value of each human being regardless of their size, color, sexual orientation, ethnicity, etc...

As SHEROES United Grows it will tackle more issues. But these are the issues that we are addressing and many of these issues overlap. Children in the Foster Care System are often sold into sex slavery. Women in the Military have been abused or raped and had nobody to turn to.

NOTE: SHEROES United is all about embracing and loving the Women and the Men that love them. We do not want to go out and fight against violence or take any kind of a stand against Crime. WE ARE HERE to be a landing place for those that need and want to have a place to talk with like-minded people that understand and want to hear the stories - this is a place of finding your inner light and having a support system that walks beside you.


SHERO: A female hero; a woman that displays strong heroic traits under tremendous pressure and is triumphant over her circumstances. A SHERO is a woman who is an active giver, an example of what is possible, and a brilliant inspiration to people of all ages. We believe that SHEROES are women that have been through extraordinary experiences and have proven to be “Sheroic” in those efforts. SHEROES are Victors NOT Victims!!!

We are looking for Role Models! Do you know a Role Model? Are YOU are Role Model? Nominations being taken - Call for form ASAP!!!!

Victorious Women United to Heal What is Broken...

There are many that walk among us that are broken, who are victims to something that makes them unhappy. SHEROES United wants to make all Women - Victors in their lives. So that they can go forward with positive change. We seek out the Victorious Women and Identify What made them the way that they are. We "highlight" those Victorious Women through our website, events, education, and policy change.

One woman cannot do this effort alone. Many women linked together are UNSTOPPABLE. 

Nothing more - nothing less.....

SHEROES United hosts or attends many events a year.

Sometimes all it takes is ONE Voice -

We are an "Army for CHANGE"

Your Voice matters!!!