A SHERO is an ordinary Woman that finds the STRENGTH to Endure and Preserve in SPITE of Overwhelming Obstacles.

Join us on Veterans Day Tuesday November 11, 2014 for our Salute to Women Veterans. Parade in Taylorsville City and ceremony after to honor our Women Warriors.

Join SHEROES United, the City of Taylorsville, in conjunction with the United Veterans Council of SLC for the 2014 Veterans Day Parade. Parade Starts at 11:00 after the Parade there is a Ceremony at Taylorsville City Hall. SHEROES will be honoring Women Veterans. Join us in the Celebration! SHERO Parade Route 1.pdf

2014 SHEROES Rise

We did it! Amazing V-day One Billion Rising

SHEROES United is a Non-Profit (501c3 EIN 45-5391069 effective 5/17/2012) that identifies Women Role Models. Women that have been victims in their lives and are now Victorious and living their AUTHENTIC life.

SHEROES United addresses 5 Pillars. Many of these issues come full circle.

Domestic Violence - includes mental, verbal and physical abuse of members in a family or living in the same household. We want to show families that this is an internal problem and can be fixed with love and compassion. If not fixed it lingers into the next generation. The Children become abusers because this is how they were taught.

Violence Against Women - Sex Trafficking, Disfiguration, Slavery, Rape, Murder

Women Veterans - their life after serving our country. Are they being treated fairly? Are they being looked after? Do they have the resources that they need to live a full and prosperous life? We protect our protectors.

Foster Care & Adoption - We address this from all perspectives and are working on the National Level with Atlanta being one of our sister cities.

Teen Advocacy - This includes anti-bullying, teaching positive self image, the value of each human being regardless of their size, color, sexual orientation, ethnicity, etc...

As SHEROES United Grows it will tackle more issues. But these are the issues that we are addressing and many of these issues overlap. Children in the Foster Care System are often sold into sex slavery. Women in the Military have been abused or raped and had nobody to turn to.

NOTE: SHEROES United is all about embracing and loving the Women and the Men that love them. We do not want to go out and fight against violence or take any kind of a stand against Crime. WE ARE HERE to be a landing place for those that need and want to have a place to talk with like-minded people that understand and want to hear the stories - this is a place of finding your inner light and having a support system that walks beside you.

This is a NO HATE ZONE - Please enough already!

SHEROES United has collaborated with dozens of groups around the Nation that help Women & Girls LEAD and become role models for those around them. The message is loud and clear. Live your life happy and healthy and those around you will feel your radiance. We are all Beautiful!!!

We are looking for Role Models! Do you know a Role Model? Are YOU are Role Model? Nominations being taken - Call for form ASAP!!!!

SHEROES United hosts or attends many events a year.

ONE BILLION RISING FOR JUSTICE campaign was a huge success this last February and we are planning an even BIGGER event for Valentines 2015.

We will be helping other states plan their event so if you are wanting to host an event in your state please get in touch with our team and we will send you a detailed package of how to host a successful event in your community.

Remember last Valentines Day? We were there! Will you be there this Valentines Day? Come RISE with us. Be a part of the Global Movement with SHEROES!!!

Get Ready for V-day 2015!

Please contact us now if you have a Dance Group or would like to Participate in the Event

V-day Celebration at the Utah State Capitol
Talking with Key Legislators on the Hill

SHEROES United, and about two dozen or so non-profit groups were able to talk to Key Legislators on Capitol Hill and we were able to voice our concerns about the abuse towards women. One in Three Women in her lifetime will be beaten, verbally abused, raped, sold into sex slavery, or even murdered! Its the number 2 crime in the world. Second only to drug trafficking!

SHEROES United held a beautiful Gathering on the steps of the state Capitol and about 300 Women and the Men that love them came out and participated in a Flash Mob Dance and Celebration. Complete with Balloon Release, Speakers from Various Organizations, and the most beautiful day anyone could ask for.

Later that same day SHEROES United Hosted a 2nd Event at the Gateway Outdoor Mall. This event was hosted in the Union Train Station with Booths, Prizes, and Speakers. A Flash Mob was held by the fountains and the sound of laughter and the spirit of happiness was everywhere! The PEOPLE that attended both events did so knowing that they were joining people from all over the globe to RISE up against Violence towards Women. They were there to "Break the Chain" and "Stop the Violence," the entire day was dedicated to those around the world that are enduring this pain and suffering. Even here in our own cities.....

Rebecca Musser former FLDS 19th wife of Rulon Jeffs spoke to a room full of compassionate people. She told the story of being OWNED. How as a young woman she was told who to marry and had no choice, no voice. When Rulon Jeffs the Prophet of the FLDS Church passed away leaving more than 60 wives she was again told she would be the wife of Warren Jeffs. It was at that time in her life that she made the decision to escape and ran into the night and into the unknown world beyond the walls of the compound.

Today Rebecca is a successful author, speaker, and sought after Woman with many talents, two wonderful children and she is living her Authentic life. SHE IS A VICTOR! She is a SHERO!!!!! Check her story out on this site under the SHERO of the Month Tab.

SHEROES United would like to THANK all of those that came out and give a special shout out to our Volunteers. You made this happen!!!

The time is NOW - Never before has there been such a need to Unify and Make Change

Empowered Yet?

Victorious Women United to Heal What is Broken...

There are many that walk among us that are broken, who are victims to something that makes them unhappy. SHEROES United wants to make all Women - Victors in their lives. So that they can go forward with positive change. We seek out the Victorious Women and Identify What made them the way that they are. We "highlight" those Victorious Women through our website, events, education, and policy change.

One woman cannot do this effort alone. Many women linked together are UNSTOPPABLE. SHEROES United is a MOVEMENT FOR CHANGE.

Nothing more - nothing less.....


SHERO: A female hero; a woman that displays strong heroic traits under tremendous pressure and is triumphant over her circumstances. A Shero is a woman who is an active giver, an example of what is possible, and a brilliant inspiration to people of all ages. We believe that SHEROES are women that have been through extraordinary experiences and have proven to be “Sheroic” in those efforts. SHEROES are Victors NOT Victims!!!

Sometimes all it takes is ONE Voice -

We are an "Army for CHANGE"

Your Voice matters!!!