A SHERO is an ordinary Woman that finds the STRENGTH to Endure and Preserve in SPITE of Overwhelming Obstacles. A Role Model to those around HER.

*********  FEB 14, 2015  -  It's finally upon us. V-Day One Billion Rising SLC, UT

Here are the Finalized Details:  DO NOT BE LATE - Tight Schedule

Gateway Outdoor Center  400 W 100 S, Salt Lake City, UT 84101 click for directions

Park in WINTER Parking. The first Hour is Free! The Second Hour is $1.00

Rally begins at 11:30 - Meet in Front of Discovery Museum just South of Dicks at the top of the Escalator - Check in at the Tables and Buy your T-Shirts. $15.00 Cash is quickest and most Convenient. Check or Credit Card Accepted. Bring your Cell Phones and Cameras for Social Media there will be prizes for Tweets, Posts, and Costumes. 

March begins EXACTLY at 12:00 - Down Rio Grande in full celebration, Drums, Boas, Beads, Laughter, family, Sisterhood, Passion and LOVE. 

Main Event at the Water Fountains on the North End. We will have TAIKO Drums. Keynote Speaker Dan Clark, Singing Sensation "Tehrah" with Tom Hopkins, Considered for 6 Grammy Nominations, Debuting their record "Phoenix Rising"... Autographed CD's available after event.

There will be Drumming Goddesses, Over 40 Groups will be represented. Your SHEROES Team will be there in full Colors.  BLACK, RED, WHITE, PINK 

We have a "Selfie Station" set up for Photos with fun stuff to pose in. There will be ONE practice dance with the entire group. Emcee Annie Cutler Fox 13.

The FLASH MOB CELEBRATION will take place and as we complete we will all embrace in a Gigantic Group Hug with Drone Cameras overhead to film. We also have Professional Photographers on site along with Media Stations in attendance.  BRING THE ENTIRE FAMILY.

After the Balloon Release there will be information available from many of the Groups in attendance. Including how to register to WIN the Motorcycle by UnderGround Railroad! The Official event will be over around 1:00 and from there people will hang around and socialize and enjoy the Gateway Shops and Specials for Valentines.

Click here for Map of the event:


Participate in the largest Civil Rights Movement in recent years. Over 207 Countries join to do the same dance to the same song on the same day. All to raise awareness to the #1 issue in America Domestic Violence.

Photos and Videos below from last years Celebration.

2014 SHEROES Rise

We did it! Amazing V-day One Billion Rising

SHEROES United is a Non-Profit (501c3 EIN 45-5391069 effective 5/17/2012) that identifies Women Role Models. Women that have been victims in their lives and are now Victorious and living their AUTHENTIC life.

SHEROES United addresses 5 Pillars. Many of these issues come full circle.

Domestic Violence - includes mental, verbal and physical abuse of members in a family or living in the same household. We want to show families that this is an internal problem and can be fixed with love and compassion. If not fixed it lingers into the next generation. The Children become abusers because this is how they were taught.

Violence Against Women - Sex Trafficking, Disfiguration, Slavery, Rape, Murder

Women Veterans - their life after serving our country. Are they being treated fairly? Are they being looked after? Do they have the resources that they need to live a full and prosperous life? We protect our protectors.

Foster Care & Adoption - We address this from all perspectives and are working on the National Level with Atlanta being one of our sister cities.

Teen Advocacy - This includes anti-bullying, teaching positive self image, the value of each human being regardless of their size, color, sexual orientation, ethnicity, etc...

As SHEROES United Grows it will tackle more issues. But these are the issues that we are addressing and many of these issues overlap. Children in the Foster Care System are often sold into sex slavery. Women in the Military have been abused or raped and had nobody to turn to.

NOTE: SHEROES United is all about embracing and loving the Women and the Men that love them. We do not want to go out and fight against violence or take any kind of a stand against Crime. WE ARE HERE to be a landing place for those that need and want to have a place to talk with like-minded people that understand and want to hear the stories - this is a place of finding your inner light and having a support system that walks beside you.

Highlights from our 4th Annual SHERO Salute to Women Veterans 2014 Parade

We are looking for Role Models! Do you know a Role Model? Are YOU are Role Model? Nominations being taken - Call for form ASAP!!!!

SHEROES United hosts or attends many events a year.

Victorious Women United to Heal What is Broken...

There are many that walk among us that are broken, who are victims to something that makes them unhappy. SHEROES United wants to make all Women - Victors in their lives. So that they can go forward with positive change. We seek out the Victorious Women and Identify What made them the way that they are. We "highlight" those Victorious Women through our website, events, education, and policy change.

One woman cannot do this effort alone. Many women linked together are UNSTOPPABLE. 

Nothing more - nothing less.....


SHERO: A female hero; a woman that displays strong heroic traits under tremendous pressure and is triumphant over her circumstances. A Shero is a woman who is an active giver, an example of what is possible, and a brilliant inspiration to people of all ages. We believe that SHEROES are women that have been through extraordinary experiences and have proven to be “Sheroic” in those efforts. SHEROES are Victors NOT Victims!!!

Sometimes all it takes is ONE Voice -

We are an "Army for CHANGE"

Your Voice matters!!!