Park City TV Interview Valentines Day 2017 with Founder Celeste Gleave and Executive Director M. Bridget Cook-Burch speaking about our upcoming events and our pillar needs. Seeking Volunteers and Sponsors.

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Salt Lake Tribune Feb 2013-

Salt Lake Magazine February 2012

Engaging in stories from WWII with Ora Mae Hyatt, Terrie Kilburn, Sandra Hudson

      Salt Lake Magazine was on site to capture this wonderful evening. 

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Summer Photo Shoot Salt Lake Magazine

June 2012 - SALT LAKE CITY, UT - The National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) Salt Lake Chapter will transform on July 1, 2012 when René Johnson steps into the role of NAWBO/SLC President. Ms. Johnson is known nationally as The Power Zone Coach, a leadership and business building expert. She is also recognized as the author of “Leaving Your Comfort Zone: How to Lead Your Life from the Power Zone”, an inspiring motivational speaker who has appeared before audiences of lawmakers, educators and business leaders as well as the Vice President of SHEROES United, an organization that seeks out women who have overcome tremendous obstacles and, in turn, gone on to improve the lives of women and young girls in their communities and businesses.

Invisible War Panel Discussion

Founder Celeste Gleave was an advisor to Executive Producer Geralyn Dreyfous, Producer of "The Invisible War" a film that addresses the problem of MST in our Military. The film went on to open dialogue on Capitol Hill to create a climate of change.  Commander Gleave shared the stage for a post film discussion with West Point Graduate/Author  and Veteran Donna McAleer, and Ret. Lt. Col Chris Gedney the four women addressed the audience in a panel discussion. The purpose of the discussion was to raise awareness of the issues of Rape in the Military. 


SHEROES United takes a strong stand advocating on issues of MST and PTSD if you are a resource we would love to possibly collaborate. All hands on deck. These issues are REAL and they are UGLY. If you would like to work with us please contact us.

The NAWBO Woman Business Owner of the Year Award is presented annually to a woman who has demonstrated strong leadership skills in growing and managing a successful business that is more than three years old, while also demonstrating those skills in volunteer and civic activities. The National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO), Salt Lake City Chapter, has named Celeste Gleave, President/CEO of FYVE STAR, Inc.® the Woman Business Owner of The Year for 2012.  FYVE STAR, Inc.® Distributes a variety of products, specializing in deicing technology, aircraft cleaners   for the airline industry. She has several contracts with the Department of Defense and Various Goverment Agencies.  Celeste is being recognized for her business success and many years of giving back to the community.  She is committed to advancing women in all walks of life.  Her most recent project is SHEROES, a start-up non-profit that recognizes women for their outstanding efforts and contributions to society. 

          Just another day on Capitol Hill working in the Governors Office with Lieutenant Governor Bell

April 2012
The Globe Online:

"Four speakers took the stage and talked about ways they have overcome obstacles in their own life. Rene Johnson, spoke about Domestic Violence, Becky Swanson spoke about loosing a Child and Trying to Cope with the Death of Several Family members, Bridget Cook and Rebecca Musser both shared stories of hardship, trials and triumphs. “My personal journey has required me to find great belief in myself over and over,” said Johnson “Everytime I stepped away from comfort and into fear I grew, I developed, I fulfilledmy purpose, I found my power. It wasn’t easy but it’s possible.”
Johnson is a Power Zone Coach and author who spokeon how she overcame and triumphed over domestic violence, found her voice and is now helping other women find their voice." She see's Obstacles as vehicles to new destinations” 

NY Daily News 

"In 2002, seven yearsafter they were married, Rulon Jeffs died and Musser made a decision to runaway.“After seven years of continual sexual violations, I’d had enough,” she said, according to the report.Though she had been taught to be obedient for her entire life, she said: “Give me hell, because I don’t want this heaven.”Once she escaped, Musser found a difficult life on the outside, but also a new sense of freedom. She cut her hair for the first time, and slowly learned how to fit in.“It was a brutal transitionat best,” she said, according to the newspaper."

Deseret News: Salt Lake Tribune: 

"It was never about theconviction. It was about the victims, those who had been violated," she said. "I wish to God someone had stood up for me. I wish to God someone had spoken for me."

Salt Lake Tribune:

"SHEROs fight for our freedom, often putting their career to the side and lives on the line of defense of every American citizen. In recent decades, women have joined the military ranks in masses. These brave women provide an invaluable service, along with their male counterparts, to defend the United States. SHEROES deserve our praise and support, especially during a time when thousands of female veterans are found homeless throughout the country and without needed health benefits."