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Women's Leadership Live

Imagine a community of women, more than 85 million strong and counting, in which each individual is a pioneer—a disrupter—an innovator—a visionary. These are collectively today’s women professionals, entrepreneurs and those in transition, either stepping back into the workforce or those determining what their next steps are. It is this community to which Women’s Leadership LIVE is devoted.

Today’s women executives face a dizzying array of challenges and pressures in a complex world where the business climate is constantly changing. At Women’s Leadership LIVE we equip women to become leaders in their respective industries to meet these challenges while forging strategies to help them build on current successes.

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Commissioner Keith D. Squires serves in his cabinet as Utah’s Commissioner of Public Safety in June 2013. Commissioner Squires is responsible for the Utah Department of Public Safety (DPS), which consists of the Utah Highway Patrol, State Bureau of Investigation, State Crime Lab, Statewide Information and Analysis Center, Bureau of Criminal Identification, State Fire Marshal’s Office, Division of Emergency Management, Peace Officer Standards and Training, Driver License Division and Highway Safety Division. Utah DPS provides statewide public safety services with over 1,500 employees, of which 520 are sworn state law enforcement officers. Squires additionally serves as the Governor’s Homeland Security Advisor and has extensive experience in state and local law enforcement and public safety services. He has promoted through all ranks of DPS during his career and served in key agency positions, including Deputy Commissioner, Director of the State Bureau of Investigation, Assistant Superintendent of the Utah Highway Patrol and Director of Emergency Management and Homeland Security.

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SHEROES United is proud to team up with Women & Girls Lead a multi-year public media initiative to focus, educate, and connect citizens worldwide in support of the issues facing women and girls. Combining independent documentary film, television, new media, and global outreach partnerships, Women and Girls Lead amplifies the voices of women and girls acting as leaders, expands understanding of gender equity, and engages an international network of citizens and organizations to act locally and reach out globally. In partnership with PBS, core series such as Independent Lens, Frontline, POV, American Masters and others will be airing Women and Girls Lead content.

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Yet there is still much to do to deliver on the promise of equal access, justice, and opportunity for women and girls worldwide. Women and Girls Lead is a strategic media campaign to support and sustain a growing movement to empower them, their communities, and future generations.

Women and girls everywhere are stepping into leadership roles, working to improve their communities, and innovating in science, the arts, business, and governance.

Women and Girls Lead is a strategic media campaign to support and sustain a growing movement to empower them, their communities, and future generations.

The Utah Women and Girls Lead project brings together media, non-profit and educational partners to challenge young women and girls to explore their greater potential in a year-long outreach and engagement project that includes: