A Movement of Women who DARE to change the world through Love. (DARE -Dignity - Action - Respect - Education)

SHEROES United embraces 'female super role models' in our local and global communities to empower their voices and become triumph creators for positive change.


The Purpose of SHEROES United is to come from the Heart. First, we embody our Core Values as "Super Role Models" in our families and communities and emulate the qualities of women who are an epic force for positive change. We are guides, teachers and mentors who walk our talk, each of us having already been on a powerful journey of healing and change. Secondly, We Seek to Connect with Local and Global Community Role Models, where we engage in Powerfully Celebrating and Promoting our SHEROES Stories at the forefront through media, events, collaboration with like-hearted organizations, politics, and networking. In short, we are the unifiers and connectors who link arms with champion organizations that are also about service. Thirdly, we Educate People as to the Beauty, Connection, and Wholeness that is possible in the world when women are empowered as leaders and are considered equals in every society. And Fourth, we embrace healthy cultural accountability. We Influence and Create Positive Change, including Policies, Politics and Law to fully represent gender equality and dignity of the victorious and glorious female spirit and healthy global communities.

SHEROES United is here to uplift, educate and inspire women to make positive changes in their lives by acting as an umbrella resource to help them get the support they need. We’ll bring their unique stories to the forefront to create a community of women who are strong, empowered and believe in themselves.

SHEROES United is globally endorsed by Singer/Songwriter/Grammy nominated LA Music Artist of the Year Tehrah. Through the Power of her voice and her deep compassion to Humanity she will be taking the SHEROES Message on Tour with her in the upcoming Months. Tehrah is a SHEROES United Ambassador, she represents the SHEROES message to other Organizations. Together WE Rise. Below is a sample of her brilliance. Watch for concert information. Find her music at Tehrah.com