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Orpan Train with Children being herded like cattle to Potential Parents

The Orphan Train


The piece of literature or excerpt that interested me most was the short story “Poe’s Life”.  The second of three children born in theearly 1800’s to parents who were traveling actors and who died when Edgar wasjust three years old.  Edgar wasseparated from his siblings who went to live with other families while he wastaken in by a wealthy tobacco merchant and his wife.   Poe’s life as a struggling, yet successfulwriter of poetry, novels, textbooks, a book of scientific theory, hundreds of essays, and magazine articles lived a life mostly of poverty having little orno money.  His story of love and loss istruly heartbreaking and rarely heard of from a goal oriented, self-driven and successful individual like Poe who proved h...

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What if you were given the opportunity to stand among complete strangers in your full authentic self and tell the world that you have a story that you would like to share with them. What if you began to tell your story completely from your heart and things came out that felt so freeing that the more you talked the more you realized you were in that very moment having a life changing experience. 

Many that walk among us have lives that are kept in secret, mostly because its easier. Or its something so bad that perhaps it could cost you to have that information roaming freely. What if you stood for the first time - you just decided to LET IT GO! 

Do you know what happens when you free yourself of those unspoken things? They sort of disappear in...

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Haley and her Beautiful Daughter

Our very own Haley M. Breck

Veteran SHERO 2012

Most of us have lives that are complicated and are not without challenges. Most of us live our lives on a day to day basis, and for the most part we all do what we can to make things nice especially our family. As Women we are caregivers, and we are programmed to be mothers.

Thirteen Years ago Haley Marie Breck decided to join the Utah National Guard. For many Guardsmen that means you get your training, you learn a skill and you come back to your home state and live your life rather routinely. When you are needed you are called and can leave at any given time for any length of time.

For Haley Breck she loved the Guard so much and was so good at what she did she decided to make it a full ti...

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Dance Rehearsal for V-day

This last weekend SHEROES United had the Wonderful Opportunity to Collaborate with one of great SHEROES and her team at the WIN.  Dr. Paula Fellingham a Utah Resident and gem is using her unique talents and passions to help advance women all over the world. For this SHEROES is pleased to have been involved so that we could put our voices on the same platform and stages as those around the world. Everyone is starting to gravitate together and we are forming a HUGE Nucleus and this mass is healing people around the world.

SHEROES United has organized two Events to Celebrate ONE BILLION RISE around the world on February 14, 2013 V-day. We are dancing and rising with our SISTERS all around the world in a singular dance. This dance will be...

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Ora Mae Hyatt WW2 Army Nurse


SHEROES United held the 2nd Annual Salute to Women Veterans Event in November. Despite the heavy snowfall many came out to Pay Tribute to our 2012 Veteran and Active Duty Personnel chosen as SHEROES of the year. There were many highlights of the evening.

Guests arrived to a red carpet Greeting, Photographs, Great Food Supplied by Chef James E. The event kicked off with an Honor Guard Ceremony performed by the University of Utah ROTC members. The National Anthem was sung by our own Director Julie Harman who is an experienced singer, songwriter and exceptional human being. The event MC was Oz Hutton a Former Marine who gave a beautiful Tribute to the Women he served with and the Women being Honored. As the Ceremony proceeded guests we...

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We cant believe it has been one year since we held our 1st Annual Salute to Women Veterans. And now we are searching for Nominations. We are looking at the date of November 9, 2012 to hold a huge event to honor these wonderful women that gave so much for so many of us.  If you know of a Woman that served her country and was a real stand out we want to talk to her! We are out to identify the cream of the crop the Best of the Best!

This weeks blog will be short and sweet. With my entire team out working I have been left to solo command the effort. We are looking for Volunteers, Contributions for Recipients (SWAG), we are looking for Sponsors. We need people to step up where they have talents and give back for those that gave to us. This w...

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I think in the beginning I will try and post something on Thursdays. It seems like all of the days are merging together. Since we started SHEROES in November it has become an obsession. With the event at the Market Street Grill honoring 10 of the most Outstanding Women Veterans it has only blossomed every single day. Of course after the Veteran Event I knew it must have been great because I had attendees and companies calling me asking me if they could be a part of NEXT YEARS event! Well I guess the answer to that is WE better get planning!!!
The phone began to ring with questions asking if policewomen and fire women and union workers could qualify as a Veteran or be Honored at one of our events. That was the driving force behind the change...

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SHEROES United is on the MOVE!!!

WE at SHEROES United have really been on the move! You have probably seen us at events around the Utah and we have even made our way into California, Washington, Oregon, Asia, Africa and Canada as well. Our mission is to identify Women that have had to deal with an obstacle in their life, perhaps the death of a child, rape, domestic Violence, Illness, you name it we are hearing the stories. We want these women who have held these stories in silence and we want to hear their voices. We want to be the vehicle to help these women share their voices and perhaps help someone along the way.

We are teaming with several organizations to bring awareness to the issues we all face today. Not just Women. Men too! We...

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