We at SHEROES United are ALWAYS looking for Resources for the advancement of Women and Girls. Are you a Resource?

What is SHEROES United? We are a group of business women (and the men that love them) that felt that we could be part of the Change that is drastically needed at home and around the world. We chose 3Key Pillars

Domestic Violence - includes mental, verbal and physical abuse of members in a family or living in the same household. We want to show families that this is an internal problem and can be fixed with love and compassion. If not fixed it lingers into the next generation. The Children become abusers because this is how they were taught.

Human Trafficking - Sex and Human Trafficking, Disfiguration, Foster Children Sold into Slavery, Rape, Murder. PTSD

Women Warriors and First Responders - Consists of any woman that has worn the uniform and took the oath to serve and protect. We aim to identify these Women, Hear their Stories, Honor their Service by providing Education and Resources, and assist in their Transformation into Civilian Life. Veterans, Police, Firefighters, Nurses, etc... WE Focus on addressing the MST (Military Sexual Trauma) and PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)

INTRODUCING Our newest Committee - SHEROES Heroes - the men that have been working with our Organization have created their own Committee and are working on their own community projects.

NOTE: SHEROES United is all about embracing and loving the Women and the Men that love them. WE ARE HERE to be a landing place for those that need and want to have a place to talk with like-minded people that understand and want to hear the stories - this is a place of finding your inner light and having a support system that walks beside you.

This last year some of our exciting items of interest...

SHEROES United returns Back again from ROME, Italy for the second time in 9 weeks where they were invited to Represent Women from the WEST to GIVE BACK HOPE to those women in third world countries such as Africa especially Congo, where the rape rate is 98% - worst in the world. The first trip was a great introduction to the Voices of Congolese Women and their leadership. In Rome meetings and discussions with World Leaders from Spain, UK, England, Congo, Italy, and more... They were invited to do the HOLY WALK and bear the cross for those without voices. Especially those Women in the Congo that are suffering in silence as their voices go unheard. This historic year of Jubilee MERCY closed November 20, 2016 and will not happen again until 2025.

SHEROES United was invited back to be a part of the Historical Closing of the Year of Mercy. They joined groups from the United Voices of Congolese Women, Coaches and Trainers, Embassy and State Officials, Vatican Staff and Residents. Please stay tuned for more info and how YOU can get involved...

SHEROES United is currently working with members of the VOCW, Italian Diplomats, European Officials and many more to give attention to those acts that are happening on a global basis.

The Second trip was especially marked by a visit to Amatrice, Italy where recently an earthquake ravaged the beautiful small town. Children from around the United States, Canada, and parts of New Zealand hand made cards to deliver to the Children affected by the massive quake. Most of whom had been displaced. Over 700 cards were delivered by hand to the Mayor and his staff.

PLEASE NOTE: Our Non-Profit is NOT SET UP to offer specialized Counselling that requires Certification. We are always looking to collaborate with other NPOs or Businesses offering these services and have Proof of License and Certification. SHEROES United is a Umbrella Organization that believes that by being UNITED we each SHARE our Gifts and Talents.

**** WHAT ARE WE DOING RIGHT NOW? We are building Task forces in each of our pillars. If you are interested please inquire.

Summer 2016, SHEROES United along with our SHEROES Heroes returned from India on a Humanitarian Mission to deliver hygiene products to some of the poorest people on the planet. Plans are being made to return every year and we now have an Ambassador in India (Richa Pandey) representing SHEROES United GLOBAL!

This year SHEROES United is pleased to announce our first Annual SHEROES Diamond Scholarship! A one Year Scholarship that follows our recipient through her journey. She will be provided the tools and the sisterhood of the entire organization. She will complete courses, transformations, fulfill dreams and at the end of the year - she will then assist with our next scholarship recipient.

Happy International Women's Day SHEROES United in the House!!! Watch the video to the end you may see yourself in it!!!

Our 2016 ONE BILLION RISING event was a HUGE success

Photos of our Latest Events


The World came to Utah and SHEROES United was invited to play a Role. Our Tribe Leaders Stepped up and Gathered their own unique groups. We had over 300 Volunteers Celebrate with us as we WELCOMED the World to OUR CITY - SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH * UNITED STATES OF AMERICA

Past Events - Watch for upcoming!!

Veterans Celebration of Light and Wonderful Experience for all - Dec 2015

A SHERO is an ordinary Woman that finds the STRENGTH to Endure and Preserve in SPITE of Overwhelming Obstacles.

A Role Model to those around HER.

SHERO: A female hero; a woman that displays strong heroic traits under tremendous pressure and is triumphant over her circumstances. A SHERO is a woman who is an active giver, an example of what is possible, and a brilliant inspiration to people of all ages. We believe that SHEROES are women that have been through extraordinary experiences and have proven to be “Sheroic” in those efforts. SHEROES are Victors NOT Victims!!!


held at the Historic County Courthouse

We Honored Our Women in Uniform on this very special night. We were touched by a special ceremony with Honor Guard, Guest Speakers, Drumming, a Ceremonial Fire, we had a light ceremony to remember the 22 who lose their lives each day to Suicide. Thanks to all that braved the weather and came out to join us!!!

Did you attend the Parliament of World Religions? Do you want to purchase merchandise that you could not carry home in your luggage? Here is the link!!!


Parliament of the Worlds Religions Oct 2015

One of the Biggest Events in the Religious History of the USA. The World Faith Leaders made the journey to the United States of America. Destination SLC, UT! This was HISTORY!

SHEROES United played an integral Part in this event. We had over 500 People Volunteer and had to turn down 200 because of Available Slots. We were Airport Greeters, Host Families, Panel Speakers, Entertainers, and so much more. SHEROES United was the "Boots on the Ground" and Welcomed the World to Salt Lake City, UT - USA

This site is designed to UPLIFT, EDUCATE, and GIVE Hope to the VOICELESS. This site is for Women and the Men that Love them. We welcome all. We are unable to help victims in crisis - rather we are here as a place of comfort and friendship for those VICTORIOUS Women that are joining hands in helping others to use their voice and life their authentic dreams.

2015 SHEROES Rise

We did it! Amazing V-day One Billion Rising


We are looking for Role Models! Do you know a Role Model? Are YOU are Role Model? Nominations being taken - Call for form ASAP!!!!

Victorious Women United to Heal What is Broken...

There are many that walk among us that are broken, who are victims to something that makes them unhappy. SHEROES United wants to make all Women - Victors in their lives. So that they can go forward with positive change. We seek out the Victorious Women and Identify What made them the way that they are. We "highlight" those Victorious Women through our website, events, education, and policy change.

One woman cannot do this effort alone. Many women linked together are UNSTOPPABLE.

Nothing more - nothing less.....

SHEROES United hosts or attends many events a year.

Sometimes all it takes is ONE Voice -

We are an "Army for CHANGE"

Your Voice matters!!!