SHEROES Executive Board

Commander Gleave

Celeste Gleave

Pillar Director - Women Warriors

Founder / CEO

Forbes Magazine contacted Celeste to be profiled in an upcoming Issue "Most Powerful Women" in the U.S. With this being said Celeste has asked Forbes instead to Honor her board for their contributions and tireless efforts in matters that are critical in today's world. Forbes Response: No wonder why you are being selected. You are selfless yet you empower those around you to be the best they can be.


Celeste has won Countless Awards with the most recent being “Global Leader Award” by Arts for Peace. Women’s Leadership Live Named Celeste An Outstanding Leader for Vision, Dedication and Commitment to Excellence. She has mentored women and men from all over the world. Celeste started her own company and is the President and CEO of FYVE STAR, Inc.® her company works as a defense contractor specializing in Aircraft and Runway Deicers and specialty Chemicals and Related items worldwide, she has worked with the Department of Defense and the DLA including Homeland Security for over 25 years. She is a Serial Entrepreneur and has been a successful role model to many.


Celeste is a sought after speaker by Universities, NPR Radio, and International agencies. She was selected by the Joint Chiefs of Staff at the Pentagon and MAJCOM Warner Robins to serve as a Civic Leader to the USAFR and the Civilian Community, working directly aside the Joint Chiefs. (Honorary Three-Star Status.) She has since Retired this position. She has been a Local Civic Leader for Utah in many capacities. She was the Chair Woman for "Go Red for Women" with the AHA. She is one of a few featured leaders in the current Social Studies and History Book "Utah Journey" for Utah Schools and Curriculum as a pioneer for Industry in Utah along side of some very impressive leaders and innovators.


She is an International and community leader. She was selected as the success story at the National SBA Conference and her business was seen at the NASDAQ closing bell. She has also served on several White House committees for small business. She has worked with GOED and other state groups. Celeste is currently involved with Groups around the Nation that are working with the same goals to help women and girls LEAD. She currently sits on numerous boards. The National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) named Celeste Gleave, the Woman Business Owner of The Year. Later this year she will announce a special award that she has been chosen by the White House where her portrait will hang indefinitely. Celeste leads with her heart and she is affectionately known as the Commander. She is committed to advancing women in all walks of life.

Bridget Cook Burch

Bridget Cook Burch

Pillar Director - Human Trafficking

Executive Direcor

M. Bridget Cook-Burch is the New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling author best known for her riveting tales of transformation. As a leader, storyteller, trainer and activist, her powerful work has been showcased on Oprah, CNN, Good Morning America, Dr. CNN, and in People among many others. Her stories continue to rock readers around the world. Recently awarded “Iconic Leader of the Decade Envisioning a United World” from All Ladies League in Delhi, India, Bridget has been working on initiatives in ending violence against women, and in particular, abolishing human trafficking. The issue came to her attention as she was working on her NYT bestseller, The Witness Wore Red about human trafficking in Utah. When her awareness expanded to the growing epidemic in Utah, her nation, and her world, she knew she could stay silent no longer. A social and serial entrepreneur, Bridget has owned and operated several companies in Utah and Colorado. Building a trucking company from a ‘one-truck wonder’ to a multi-million dollar company with 15 trucks, 55 trailers and 11 western states, Bridget was nationally recognized with several outstanding business awards. She is now writing, speaking and training as CEO of Inspired Legacy, LLC, and the Executive Director of SHEROES United. She creates time and connection with her four amazing children and more pets than her beloved husband can handle. An internationally sought-after speaker and activist, Bridget wows audiences on the subjects of radical transformation, conscious business, and how to leave the footprints of an inspired legacy. You will find her actively involved with SHEROES United initiatives in Utah, personally involved in world humanitarian work in India and the DRC Congo, and growing the organization to literally and effectively reach millions of women to BE the change.

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Toni Slemko

Toni Slemko - Business Development Manager

Currently Toni is the Business Development Manager with SHEROES United and also sits on the Board of Directors of Stewfano, a non-profit organization that is focused on Building Orphanages and providing food, water and educational programs worldwide in underdeveloped countries, including underdeveloped communities here in the USA.Toni Slemko is currently a wife, mother of two beautiful children and a Business Owner..Toni has enjoyed service work over the last ten years. Coaching boys from ages 15-25 at the Ka-Na-Chi-Hi Center for First Nations boys dealing with drug and alcohol Addictions and managing a Residential drug and alcohol Lodge in Alpine, Utah. Toni also started a Service project called Expanding Hearts, doing service work throughout Salt Lake County before joining Sheroes United.Toni has enjoyed furthering education as a Paralegal, Insurance Agent, Reiki Practitioner, Life Coach and currently a Real Estate Agent..Toni has a passion for serving others. She has taken it upon herself to even bring people into her home that were fighting drug addictions and has walked beside them as they became successful women that are now working in the field as Drug and Alcohol Counselors themselves..Toni says " what keeps me in balance is dedicating a large portion of my time to others, it's what makes me feel most connected to my family and God. I am grateful that my children get to witness the joy and impact that service work creates."Toni has the ability to see the beauty in every individual. It is her passion to hear the stories behind the eyes of humanity. She has a huge heart and cares deeply about the spiritual well being of everyone she comes in contact with.Toni chose to be involved with the Sheroes United Organization because she was touched by their passion and inspired by their Heartfelt Powerful Leaders. She very quickly could see the highest perspective of The SHEROES United vision which was in harmony with her own desires to create Healing and Peace throughout the World.

Tracy Jensen

Tracy Jensen - Lead Volunteer Director

Tracy Jensen has experienced a lot of adversity in her life but she realized that these challenges have been a catalyst in forming her character and influencing her unwavering commitment to inspire the human spirit. Even through these challenges, she knew her example would ultimately reflect upon her children. This gave her an opportunity to exemplify compassion and forgiveness. She can attest that handling these challenges with courage and a positive attitude paid off because her children were also able to rise above these challenges as well. She acknowledges that through adversity brings great triumphs. The path to healing brought many victories and has given her opportunities to assist others in overcoming difficult circumstances as well. Her love for others continues to ripple into the lives of those she meets.Her compassion and giving nature are apparent to all those around her. Her love of others is substantial and her philosophy in life is to look for the good news and win/win in all things.Tracy has always had an entrepreneur spirit and unique back ground in many areas from owning a horse ranch; raising paint horses; teaching riding lessons to disabled children; working as a massage therapist with emphasis in sports injury; and being a personal assistant to high-profile Utahans. All of this ultimately led to her successful real estate career. This broad spectrum has given her many opportunities to engage in a variety of areas to assist with furthering her life experiences.Besides her work with SHEROES United, Tracy has served in many volunteer capacities that have included Pioneer Theater, The Festival of Trees and continues to be an avid contributor to the American Red Cross.Tracy has worked in the real estate industry for the past 15 years, along with her loving husband Robert of 10 years. Tracy was born in California but now resides in Utah with her family. She is devoted to her family and loves the time she can spend with them in the outdoors boating, sporting events and golfing. Tracy’s friends are also a significant part of her life and she often says “I am collecting sisters and friends I have not met yet. She choose to work with SHEROES United because of the mission to embody the value of “Super Role Models” promoting healing and change, which ultimately ripples into the lives of families and children. Tracy says working with SHEROES has given her an opportunity to meet amazing people from all over the world and brought awareness to the multitude of tragedy that is here locally and worldwide. She feels blessed to work with the amazing Board of Directors, committees and all the volunteers. She says the volunteers and supporters are the pivotal part of the growth to SHEROES and together as ONE, we will shift this world into a higher awareness and bring CHANGE to the forefront. Her commitment to SHEROES is to engage, educate and enroll others into the vision creating victory for all.

SHEROES Special Teams and Advisors

Sandra Hudson

Sandra L. Hudson -

Administrative & Security Specialist

Sandra has worked beside Founder Celeste Gleave for over 25 years serving as her CFO, Administrative VP and Security Advisor. She has managed several events and security details. She has extensive background in Customer Service, Communications and Collections. Prior to working as the Administrative VP for FYVE STAR, Inc. Sandra worked as the administrative assistant for a fortune 100 company. She was responsible for over a Billion dollars in assets and liabilities, Payroll, and Direct Service to the Terminal Managers and Store managers nationwide. In her current role she administers payroll and accounts receivables to customers all over the world. She has worked with the Department of Defense and the US Military DFAS systems. She sees to it that all of her vendors are paid on time and that operations run mission capable. She has been working with Shaolin Ch'uan-Fa Kung Fu and is currently working on her 2nd Degree Black Belt. She has Studied the art of Knife, Club, Kubotan, Sword, Sai and Gun Defensive techniques. Sandra is an inspiration to all that meet her. She has had many life experiences that have made her the strong woman she is today. Sandy is the Heart and Soul of the Team.

She is a valuable asset to the SHEROES Team.

Wendy Kelly

Wendy Kelly - Director of Fundraising

Utah born and bred, Wendy is not your "typical" Utahan inasmuch as she likes to challenge people in their way of thinking and encourage people to think outside the box. Her motto has always been one of "let's color outside the lines and see what we create!"

Wendy first became aware of  SHEROES United at the urging of a friend who invited her to a Town Hall meeting.  That evening swiftly turned into an opportunity of a lifetime as she joined an amazing group of women who make up SHEROES United, and has never looked back. She brings with her over 17 years of non-profit experience in major gifts, fundraising and event design/management, as well as content strategy and marketing.  Additionally, she loves to see others grow and thrive through empowerment, compassion, healing, and conscious intent.  

As a mother of two boys - 22 and 16 - Wendy works hard to instill in her boys a sense of chivalry, community, service, faith, compassion, and above all else, doing the right thing even when it's the hardest thing to do.  There are always opportunities to look at the experiences in life and use them as something to build upon while finding the positives,creating compassion and bringing love into the community through support, protection, and understanding.   In addition to her role with SHEROES United, Wendy serves on the Board of Directors for the Murray Chamber of Commerce, volunteers for various agencies in Salt Lake City, and has been a consultant on content strategy, brand management and marketing to small businesses along the Wasatch Front.  She is also the Director of Community Outreach and Partnerships for Special Olympics Utah.   Her favorite title out of all of these - is that of MOM.

Mandy Agguire

Mandy Aguirre - 

SHEROES United Official Merchandising & Branding

Mandy Aguirre is the Chief Operations Officer at Raziehs Skin Care and Cosmetics. She joined her mother, Gina Monibi, CEO, Formulator and Founder of Raziehs in February of 2013 to grow, build, and nurture an amazing 3 generational business. When she came to Raziehs as its COO she was able to meld together her 7 years of experience in the financial sector with her extensive 15 year background in the make up and beauty industry. She worked in the financial Services industry in many capacities from being a Financial Services Representative, consulting individuals and business owners on getting their business and professional houses secure and in order, as well as the Director of Recruiting at both New York Life and MassMutual Financial Group. She also worked in the beauty industry as a Make-up Artist as well as a model/actor/ photographer over the last 15 years. She enjoys combining her knowledge of the various aspects of business, in helping women everyday realize their true potential, inside and out. She has served in leadership capacities on a number of boards such as, President of the Salt Lake City Chapter of Women in Insurance and Financial Services, Membership Chair of the Central NAIFA Chapter in Utah, President of the Salt Lake Women’s Chapter of the BYU Management Society, Executive Member of SLCircle for Entrepreneurs and Innovators, and the Financial Director of Sheroes United. Her passion is giving back to her community.

Visit her company website at

Debi Miles Aguirre

Debi Miles Aguirre - Choreographer and Event Co-Coordinator

Debi has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Modern dance from the University of Utah. She has owned & operated dance studios for 28 years. She trained extensively in Ballet, Jazz, Modern. Trained in ballet and jazz at the U of U and with Shari Lane and Diana Cuatto who were principle dancers with Ballet West. Trained under Garth Peay & Kim Lanham as a company member of Jazzin and performed through the western U.S. Debi taught for United Spirit Association (USA) teaching high school & college dance/ cheer camps throughout western U.S. With USA she team taught with Paula Abdul and other prominent instructors. Debi has choreographed half times for the Utah Jazz and the Seattle SuperSonics. She was a previous member of the Nationally ranked BYU cheer squad. She has worked with special needs students at Alta High & U of U. She is an Energy Movement Specialist –working with the body’s energy meridians through movement. Debi was a previous member and choreographer with Draper City Arts Council. Debi was the Choreographer in chief for our 2013 V-day Dances in Utah. She is a Valuable Asset to the SHERO TEAM!!!!!