The Cinluma Project

One of our powerful projects is called the Cinluma Project. We partnered with the innovation teams from the University of Utah (Cure Medical) who were the inventors of the Cinluma Device. This device eradicates pre-cancerous cells before they become cervical cancer. It is FDA approved and CE marked. It is handheld, inexpensive, portable, battery-operated, and perfect to distribute to underfunded and underdeveloped communities right here in Utah as well as across the U.S. and to underdeveloped countries globally.

In 2018, there were an estimated 311,000 deaths from cervical cancer and almost nine in ten cervical cancer deaths (87%) occur in the less developed regions. And yet, this is a very preventable disease. It is SHEROES United’s vision to save lives on a global scale by giving women the opportunity to receive cervical cancer treatments, thus keeping women and families healthy, whole, and impacting future generations.

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