These are our CHANGE MAKERS!!

Tehrah Taylor

Tehrah Tayler - GLOBAL MESSENGER Tehrah is quickly becoming the face and one of the Largest VOICES for SHEROES United. She is about to launch a world tour and she will be taking the SHEROES Message with her.

2012 LA Music Artist of the YEAR! Grammy Nominated Singer Songwriter Tehrah (Tammy Tayler) has brought her passion and her talents to SHEROES United. Tehrah has her own very unique story which she is now sharing worldwide . Her Bio is in the works..... Visit her website at

Info Pending

Katie Jo Welch -

Dana Briggs

Lori Harmon Deus

Sandra Strayer

Kristin Mismash

Wendy Kelly

Karlee Rhea Wright

Steve Price

Mike Mylroie

Meher Ayesha