SHEROES United is PROUD to share this Mission with the World. We are making Change around the Globe. Below is our list of Active Ambassadors with new being vetted as needed.

     Gina Monibi  SHEROES United Ambassador           

Gina Monibi - Global

Gina Monibi - Global Ambassador

Gina is the Creator of Razieh’s Skin Care and Cosmetics. Razieh's is a revolutionary skin care and cosmetics line that uses only pure organic products with no fillers, chemicals, or watered down formulas. After working in New York City as an anti-aging model for a number of years, she went on a crusade to find safe, natural, healthy alternatives to the daily beauty regimen we all use every day, as well as products that actually work! She is passionate about helping women to experience the true alignment of their inner and outer beauty and helping them develop their heart, mind, and soul. She has served on many boards including, American Heart Association, American Cancer Society, and the Anorexia and Bulimia Foundation. She is a true “free spirit” and has always gone after her dreams while overcome many obstacles that life has thrown her way. From a struggling single mom with three teenagers, Serial Entrepreneur and proud Grandma, she has covered all the bases! She published 10 issues of her own sports publication called “The Competitor’s Arena”, at the age of 47 she was signed with a major modeling agency in New York City and worked there for a number of years, and was a flight attendant for Southwest Airlines.

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Gina has been with SHEROES United for nearly 5 years and is a Valuable Asset!

        Richa Pandey Ambassador - India           

Richa Pandey India

By profession Richa is an attorney in premier most law making and defining institution of India the ‘Supreme Court’, she has spent over a decade understanding the law and legal system with the very soul to make this knowledge & legal expertise available to those who need it most. During her work  as a Law professional she has handled a wide range of cases primarily dealing with those who were underprivileged, exploited and restricted to have fair access to the instrument of law. Apart from this additionally she worked to make free legal aid available to those who are needy in real sense by providing legal counceling through various non-profitable organizations. This empowering and enabling of real exploited has always been one of her primary passions. Going beyond formally practicing law I had regular association with NGO active in a range of welfare activities such as Healthcare camps, Blood donation, creating awareness about women & child rights. Her efforts also extend to publication of various articles in national and regional level magazines on issues dealing with social problems related to woman and children. This creates awareness in society and provide platform to interact with a bigger group of people. Furthermore active participation in social events and seminars are strong source of her knowledge building and  familiarizing with global trends.

Overall she considers her contribution is very small for the big world but has a firm believe that the persistent effort especially making woman and girl children aware of their legal rights, helping in paving their way to settle in the main stream of the society, create opportunities for employment for woman so that their trafficking can be stopped globally are few future endeavors, those will surely yield some positive change in the society and make it more livable place for woman and children.

During SHEROES United's Recent Humanitarian Mission to India Richa Orchestrated the entire Boots on the Ground Campaign. She has continued the mission and is gathering her own team to spread the word in her country to help better the lives of Women and Girls. And Educate the Young men at the same time.

Richa is a very valuable asset to the organization of SHEROES United.



Announcing new Global Ambassador at Large - Dr. J.R. James - 

info pending - Welcome J.R.!!!

Dr. J.R. James - Ambassador at Large

Information Pending

We are currently working with other European countries, Canada, New Zealand, Mexico, and Africa to name a few. We are a GLOBAL MOVEMENT!