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Honoring Women Warriors and First Responders

Supporting Women Warriors

Many women serve as either active or retired Military, as well as Police, Fire-fighters and 1st Responders, selflessly serving their nation and communities. Upon completion of active duty, many of our women warriors feel a lost sense of purpose. They often tend to isolate. Some of these women have experienced things that are unimaginable. Upon integrating into mainstream society, it is often difficult to find the next step. With Children grown, parents that have passed on, and many times spouses that have not stayed the course, they find themselves alone and at a crossroad. SHEROES United is a soft landing place to find resources and often times a new purpose.

Issues that face our Women are Homelessness, Lack of Credit, the loss of their Uniformed family, depression, PTSD and a myriad of other things expected of Women that see Battle, Death and Destruction.

Another issue is the deep Depression and Fear that goes along with Military Sexual Trauma (MST), recent studies put this at an alarming One in Three Women will be raped while serving their country.

It has been discovered that while serving in these primarily male-dominated systems it has opened these women up to rampant abuse and other victimization.  Rape, mental and emotional abuse, coercion and manipulation only add to the traumatic stress that many 1st Responders experience due to the nature of their jobs. In addition, there is often nowhere for these women who serve to go to that is a safe and respectful space in which to speak about their experiences. Many warriors in the U.S. and other countries are facing an extraordinarily high level of suicide, homelessness, depression and despair.

SHEROES United is dedicated to helping these women to heal, and to honor their service on a very deep level. We are committed to letting them know they are needed.

What We Do to Support Our Women Warriors

SHEROES Salute to Women Warriors Events:  SHEROES United was one of the first non-governmental organizations to honor Women Warriors from across the United States, starting in Utah we have been crossing borders into other states and even other countries.  SHEROES produces an annual Salute to Women Warriors to deeply honor and give awards to military and 1st Responders for exemplary and extraordinary service.

Pilot Programs: SHEROES United is working on a pilot program that brings women together from the military and other 1st Responder duties to heal, to share, to grow, and to create SHEROES in hospitals with Sexual Assault Nurses, in police stations and fire stations, and more.  When women are needed, they are less likely to become isolated.

SHEROES United is working with the Attorney Generals office to assist our 1st Responders with additional training in the areas needed

SHEROES Forum:  We are collecting stories of victorious women in the military, police, fire-fighters and more who have overcome trauma, abuse, or severe circumstances and continue to thrive and be incredible role models to other women and to men.

We at SHEROES United are ALWAYS looking for Resources that will help our Women Warriors and First Responders.

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