Our very own Haley M. Breck – 

Veteran SHERO 2012

Most of us have lives that are complicated and are not without challenges. Most of us live our lives on a day to day basis, and for the most part we all do what we can to make things nice especially our family. As Women we are caregivers, and we are programmed to be mothers.

Thirteen Years ago Haley Marie Breck decided to join the Utah National Guard. For many Guardsmen that means you get your training, you learn a skill and you come back to your home state and live your life rather routinely. When you are needed you are called and can leave at any given time for any length of time.

For Haley Breck she loved the Guard so much and was so good at what she did she decided to make it a full time career. Haley teaches Warrior Leadership Courses to those getting ready to deploy or gearing up for duty.  The National Guard unlike the other branches of service is known for being called up in case of state and local emergencies. For example if Utah had a disaster they would “Call in the Guard” as you have heard it said. They do search and rescue missions, they help firefighters, they work with local authorities on missing children cases and etc… Although Guard Members serve active duty it is less likely that they will be gone for any length of time.

A few years ago Haley was sent overseas for 4 months. Lucky for her she only had to stay the four months.

Recently Haley’s name was randomly drawn for a mission in Kosovo and she is set to leave at the end of April for One Full Year!

This is where the SHERO story gets real….

Haley is a single parent of a beautiful 5 year old girl. The two of them are inseparable and they have had such a wonderful example of true and pure love. They are the best of friends and Haley absolutely adores her daughter. You can tell when you read her facebook page almost every single post is about something she is so proud of or a pose of the two of them being silly together. You can see the pure joy!!!

SSG Haley M. Breck

Mother / Daughter Love

Haley has been involved with her daughters soccer team, she tucks her into bed every night with a story only to find her the next morning beside her in her bed. She takes her to school, and picks her up. They spend countless hours of dress up and taking photos. They are very content in their life.  As the only child one could only imagine what it would be like to have so much attention and love…

In April SSG Haley M. Breck boards a plane to KOSOVO. From that point on her daughter will be with family. For just one minute I am thinking back to when I was five. Every time my mother went TDY (she was a civilian working for the Air Force) I cried my eyes out but I knew she would only be gone a week or a month. If I had to be without my mother for a full year that would just have wrecked me.

In talking with Haley she is so brave. She is confident that her child will be well looked after by her father and with facebook she will be able to checkin with her from time to time. Thank Goodness for technology.

When we define SHERO – this is what we are talking about. Selfless acts. Women that are giving up everything to help others. Women that are strong under the hardest conditions.

With Women and Men like Haley we are all able to go to bed at night and tuck our own children in. We are able to sleep tight and only worry about the bed bugs biting. Our brave Soldiers and Airmen go to sleep with a rifle in one hand and a flashlight in the other. Their safety is always a concern, but they do it for the love of country. For the hope for our future and the future of their children. God Bless you Haley M. Breck and your beautiful daughter. Lets hope that this year flies by and that you will be back in high heels and glitter makeup with your then beautiful 6.5 year old prodigy. 

As in SHERO fashion we will be keeping a close eye on Haley and her deployment. We will be here for her if she needs any help and we will send her packages from home. Wishing you all the best Haley. Whoooaaaaa