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Women, children and families are suffering greatly from violence in our nations and communities.
It is easy to become discouraged, and think, “What could I possibly do about this worldwide problem?”
The fact is…you can.
First, a woman must become strong and healthy in her own right. When she is able to own her own body and her own voice, then and only then can she become a catalyst for positive change in the lives of others around her. The same is true of a healthy community that honors women rather than allowing the violating, beating, raping or killing of them. Each community must become strong and then it can inspire other communities. As each individual works on themselves, and As each individual works on themselves, then their personal power grows,the family grows healthier, and by doing so, the entire community becomes stronger.
Our mission, and our model are unique and different. For one, we are a global organization that believes in the principle of “taking care of what is happening in our own backyard,” and then reaching out globally for resources and solutions together.
Imagine a world where women are supported in every nation and community, and they come together to solve world issues with a multitude of ideas and resources. We work as an umbrella organization for SHEROES United chapters throughout the world, and also bring together resources at each local level for women and families in need. This is the vision, the mission and the drive behind the movement. And we are making change!
Secondly, we work TOGETHER with men on the issues facing communities, and on a global scale as well. SHEROES must work together with men in order to honor—and be honored—with the male portion of the population. Both links of unhealthy chains must be broken, and replace by a culture of trust, collaboration and safe integration.
In using this model, we are encouraging and highlighting ‘female super-shero role models’ in our local and global communities, empowering their voices and together becoming triumphant creators for positive change.
Again, it is together that we are able to educate and inspire women to make positive changes in their lives and to serve and support others for a dramatically healthier mindset for tomorrow’s families, and to work with the men in the community (SHEROES HEROES) to be able to do so on an ongoing basis. We are an umbrella resource who seeks to bring together currently available resources to help women worldwide get involved, get healthy, and get the support they need to make bring positive change into their communities.
In working locally and globally, SHEROES United and its chapters bring unique stories to the forefront to create a community of women who are strong, empowered and believe in themselves and their abilities to effect positive, lasting change.

A Movement of Women who DARE to change the world through Love.
(DARE -Dignity - Action - Respect - Education)


Dignity has been stripped away for women in too many communities worldwide, as proven by the level of violence and the purchase of women and children as objects and commercial merchandise. All women, all men, and all children are human beings deserving of their dignity, rights and voice. We are guides, teachers and mentors who have been on a powerful journey of healing and change ourselves, and willing to take a stand for human dignity worldwide.


Action is desperately needed in every region of the world, from brothels and boardrooms. Our model creates programs and connects resources in every community throughout the world. We take action in schools,prisons, transition centers and halfway houses. We connect with local and globalleaders,engage powerfully through media, events, life skills, education, and collaboration with like-hearted organizations changing the world for the better, together.


We embrace healthy cultural accountability. We know that within conscious and respectful boundaries, we can influence and create positive change, including policies, and action to fully represent gender equality and dignity of the victorious and glorious female spirit within healthy, global communities. We know that every culture has real beliefs that are healthy, and real beliefs that can be unhealthy. SHEROES respects culture while embracing healthy models.


We strive to bring powerful education and programs that open paradigms, create positive behavioral change, and bring healthy connection, ideology, beauty and community that is possible when women are empowered as leaders, honored for their gifts, treated with respect and dignity, and are considered equals in every aspect of society. All programs and education are based on needs in local communities of each chapter worldwide. Just imagine this movement of change!


As long as poverty, injustice & inequality persist, none of us can truly rest. It doesn’t take much to change a life, Get in touch today and start making the difference.