I think in the beginning I will try and post something on Thursdays. It seems like all of the days are merging together. Since we started SHEROES in November it has become an obsession. With the event at the Market Street Grill honoring 10 of the most Outstanding Women Veterans it has only blossomed every single day. Of course after the Veteran Event I knew it must have been great because I had attendees and companies calling me asking me if they could be a part of NEXT YEARS event! Well I guess the answer to that is WE better get planning!!!
The phone began to ring with questions asking if policewomen and fire women and union workers could qualify as a Veteran or be Honored at one of our events. That was the driving force behind the change from SHERO.us to http://www.SHEROESUnited.org. We had to grow. There are too many SHEROES in this world to narrow it down to one group!We honor our Women Veterans, We also Honor our Great Women that have given selflessly of their time and moved to Africa to help villages, we honor Women who have come out of abusive relationships and stood on their own two feet and with sheer will and determination have started a life of their very own. We honor all women and the men in their lives that support them.
SHEROES United was an overnight sensation. I am not saying that because I want to sound like I need you to know. I am saying that because literally the next day we were planning an event for the next year and within 6 weeks we sponsored one of the largest events and teamed with several other groups and joined forces with action committee’s groups and have had a huge impact just with what little time we have been around.

I have to say I am so proud of the Women in this state. I am proud of Women everywhere, but when I brought this idea up these Women not only embraced it they made it a part of who they are. They owned the concept immediately and now we are well on our way to perhaps television appearances in the fall. Some of the groups we have met with are in exact alignment with our goals. We are and continue to meet regularly to make the next BIG Thing happen.

Please let us know if you would like to be part of the SHERO Movement!Currently we are turning in stories to KUED7 so that they can interview some of our most respected community SHEROES. Those women selected may be interviewed and be a part of the Women & Girls LEAD pbs year long initiative. We are launching with a huge fall party. And there are more surprises coming every day.  We spoke last week with the producers and Public Affairs Directors of the Miss Representation Movie Organization, We are working the “The Invisible War Team” we are in talks with several other organizations in regards to making big things happen for good people in our society. AND Don’t forget we are working for our women Veterans!

Please continue to watch my posts. I am going to keep it real. C