Dance Rehearsal for V-day

This last weekend SHEROES United had the Wonderful Opportunity to Collaborate with one of great SHEROES and her team at the WIN.  Dr. Paula Fellingham a Utah Resident and gem is using her unique talents and passions to help advance women all over the world. For this SHEROES is pleased to have been involved so that we could put our voices on the same platform and stages as those around the world. Everyone is starting to gravitate together and we are forming a HUGE Nucleus and this mass is healing people around the world.

SHEROES United has organized two Events to Celebrate ONE BILLION RISE around the world on February 14, 2013 V-day. We are dancing and rising with our SISTERS all around the world in a singular dance. This dance will be held in Singapore, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Congo, throughout ASIA, Europe, and in the United States. Each state is having their own events.

SHEROES United is pleased to celebrate our voices and we have made arrangements to host two of about a half dozen or so mobs around the state. We are reaching deep within our selves and asking WHY do we have to take this? WHY does it happen? IT is NO LONGER ACCEPTABLE. This is a world where the women are the caretakers and the mothers and the wives, sisters, daughters, mothers, neighbors, and this divine feminine spirit should be embraced by all. Its about Love and Overcoming the Abuse. Its about RISING up and saying NO MORE!

We are out to BREAK THE CHAIN – in two weeks I will post the photos of our little corner of the world because in UTAH we RISE to HEAL the WOMEN OF THE WORLD!!!

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Commander Gleave

SHEROES Founder Rising

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Scarves from around the world SHEROES
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Our SHERO Booth at the WIN
Listening to the voices of the world

Salt Lake City, and UTAH embrace the WIN with SHEROES United

One of my NEW Delicious Favorite SHEROES Dr. Faith

Dr. Faith Kurz Shell  – began a medical career as a nurse, running critical care units and supervising RN’s. She continued her medical career by becoming a Doctor of Natural Health, specializing in holistic health therapies. She holds three gold medals from the Caribbean inter-Island sports competition, a position which led her to be chosen and trained for the Summer Olympics. She was also crowned Miss St. Vincent / Caribbean in 1985, and was invited to participate in the Miss Universe and Miss World pageants the following year.

We love Faith and she is one of our newest SHEROES she gave an amazing talk about many things here are a few……

What is the source of darkness? It has to do with the creator of something. Darkness represents source of darkness which is doubts, fear, the good news is that it had no source it is the absence of what is real – which is light.

Light – It represents everything you could imagine – the challenge is darkness. How do you remove the darkness that has no real source. The only way to remove this darkness is to turn on the light.  We need to be light and inspiration for others. We Must connect with something bigger than ourselves – To be light as a leader and a woman you need to be the expressions of love. Women need to know that we are enough. Why are we enough? We are enough because we exist?Why Do we look the way we do? It is a gift that was given to us. Who are we to say that this gift is not enough. Ask yourself why do I look the way I do. We are created for love extended out as an expression of me. Love could only create that for itself. Anything else is ego!  Get the E out of EGO and go.   The only real power is love. Let it go to shine your light.Bring more light and expression in.

The thing that I took away from Faith is that many of us live in the darkness. We as children started in the light and loved and learned and then we were lost into the darkness of not feeling good enough. My favorite thing she said was – Children are afraid of the darkness but adults are afraid of the light.

Just a snip of what I took away from My girl Dr. Faith

Is it a Law or a Choice?

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