What if you were given the opportunity to stand among complete strangers in your full authentic self and tell the world that you have a story that you would like to share with them. What if you began to tell your story completely from your heart and things came out that felt so freeing that the more you talked the more you realized you were in that very moment having a life changing experience.

Many that walk among us have lives that are kept in secret, mostly because its easier. Or its something so bad that perhaps it could cost you to have that information roaming freely. What if you stood for the first time – you just decided to LET IT GO!

Do you know what happens when you free yourself of those unspoken things? They sort of disappear into the fabric of the rest of those around you and you begin to realize that you share something with nearly everyone you come in contact with. Its basic. We are all human. We all have feelings. We all have stupid stuff that we have learned to live with. But for the first time, It just doesn’t matter anymore. No more hiding. No more living a secret life. No more Shame which leads to self destruction, or depression or just plan don’t give a crap attitude .

Its time to start living your ideal life. Its time to share your stories and compare your stories. And then with the powers that be – changes may take place by a mere shift. A slight change in the way you look at your problems. Its strange but there are so many others out there with BIGGER Problems. Harder Lives. And we still don’t know who they are because they DO NOT TALK about it or they just disappear into victimhood.

There is no reason for anyone to feel like this. We should all feel free to give at the level we feel comfortable. Some may be super givers, thats great. Others may do Simple Random Acts of Kindness. It don’t matter. We all have a story. And we are all part of each others stories.

Stand proud in your story. Stand proud in your life. Believe in Yourself so that others can believe in you too.